Wildfire completed the 2014 pre - championship optional season the weekend’s end on March 9th. The California Classic Invitational was hosted in the San Diego Convention Center, where there were on hand just over 70 teams representing nearly every region nation wide. In total, 1036 individuals participated. Of these, 28 were from Wildfire. Eighteen Wildfire gymnasts ranked among the top 6 All Around during a two day course of our competition. Of special note is the fact Wildfire athletes individually recorded Southern California’s top All Around scores respective to Levels 7, 8, and 10. Consistency in performance resulted in solid team finishes as well, beginning with our Level 10’s and 8’s becoming California Classic Team Champions. Wildfire team Level 7 ranked 3rd.

From the 172 Level 10 gymnasts entered, including all age groups and sessions, California Classic Level 10, (17 +) All Around Champion Jill Van Mierlo (BYU 2014) and 2nd place (17 +) Maddy Stover (University of Utah 2014) had respectively by score, ranked 3rd and 4th among them. Jill (2013 NIT National Bar Champion) and Maddy (2013 J.O. National All Around Champion), faired well too, by together, earning what would be the top two highest AA scores presented by Level 10 gymnasts from Southern California. Level 10 individual event winners: Maddy Stover (Beam - 9.625), Jill Van Mierlo (Floor - 9.625) and Erin Weisel (Floor - 9.50)

From the roster listing 272 Level 8 gymnasts participating, including all age groups and sessions, 13 year old 2014 California Classic All Around Champion, Alison Rannalli, was by meet’s end standing 3rd as part of that entire group of 272. Allison’s AA total of 38.075 (1st Bars - 9.70) ranks her as well, the leading scoring Level 8 gymnast from Southern California. Additional Level 8 individual event winners: Logan McBain (Floor - 9.80), Tess Watkins (Bars - 9.75) and Madison McIntyre (Floor - 9.65).

California Classic 12 year old Level 7 All Around Champion, Jiana Reeves (38.225, 1st Beam - 9.650, 1st Floor - 9.775) became, by her culminating event, the highest scoring Level 7 from Southern California. Jiana ranked 4th out of 258 Level 7 athletes comprising every age group and session. Madison Wong continues her outstanding streak this season placing once again 2nd All Around, this time with a score of 37.50 (1st Vault - 9.50). Additional Level 7 individual event winner: Lauryn Simons (Vault - 9.475).

Level 9 All Around leaders were Emily Lopez and Lindsay Riggs. Placing 3rd AA while finishing 2nd on Bars (9.45) and winning Floor (9.70), Emily maintained her top three winning streak this season having won three of her last five meets. Lindsay culminated her weekend by strengthening her All Around success with a solid Floor victory, for Gold (9.425). Additional Level 9 individual event winner: Caylx Hampton (Floor - 9.45).