The Level 7 State Championships were hosted in Ventura, CA on the weekend of March 3rd. This was the final State Championships concluding the course of the 2013 - 2014 cycle of championship competition. This cycle of state championship competition includes Levels 3 - 5 during the Fall, and Levels 6 - 10 during the Spring. Wildfire Gymnastics entered seven separate SoCal State Team competition events during this period. Results indicate Wildfire showing real constancy by always finishing among the top three, proven by being State Champions at Levels 3 and 10, 2nd Place Runner Ups at Levels “Mini 3” 4, 5 and 8. And finally then, 3rd at the 2014 Level 7 State Championships.

Level 7 participants numbered 241. Wildfire’s Level 7 State Bar Champion and 2nd place 12b All Around Champion, Katie Wallace, finished the meet with a 38.150, which as it turns out, was the 6th highest AA score of the 241 gymnasts competing. The 8th highest score of this representative 241 was recorded by 4th place 11b AA finisher Bailey Nicoletti. Nine Wildfire gymnasts accounted for 9 top three State Championships awards, four of them for first. Top three medal winners include Katie Wallace (2nd AA - 38.150, 1st Bars - 9.725), Aurora Huxman (1st Bars - 9.625), Madison Wong (1st Vault - 9.55, 2nd Floor - 9.775), Jiana Reeves (1st Vault - 9.550), Lauryn Simons (3rd Bars - 9.550), Morgan Langseth (3rd Beam - 9.525) and Bailey Nicoletti (3rd Vault - 9.475).