Wildfire Gymnastics completed its compulsory Levels 3, 4 and 5 pre championship season of 2016 on the weekend of October 15th at the 3rd SoCal Sectional Qualifier. The competition involved in total, 332 gymnasts. Wildfire Level 3’s Keili Harmston and Makena Jarrett were among the top two of three scoring athletes among this group of 332. Each of the 47 compulsory level Wildfire gymnasts who having competed All Around, qualified to Sectional Championships. Twenty-seven of these girls ranked among the top six All Around from which 18 of them won either Gold, Silver or Bronze. By competition’s end, Wildfire teams Level 3, 4 and 5 each won their respective Team Championship. That puts Wildfire’s pre championship season at 10 and 2.

Leading our Level 3 effort, she being the top scoring gymnast of the 113 total Level 3 athletes competing, was 8 year old All Around Champion Keili Harmston (38.225, 1st Vault - 9.550, 1st Bars - 9.700, 1st Floor - 9.475). Included in this effort, were fellow AA winners Makena Jarrett (38.175, 1st Bars - 9.450, 1st Beam - 9.600 and Floor - 9.475) and Emma Le (1st Beam, 1st Floor - 9.550) with AA Silver Medalists Grace Hassenplug, 8 year old Sabrina Signorino (1st Beam - 9.525), 6/7 year old Kherrington McKinley (1st Vault, 1st Bars) and Lux Guzman, along side also, Bronze Medalists all, Erin Chen (37.900, 1st Vault - 9.550, 1st Beam - 9.600). Kathryn Bayles and Annie Lin. Additional highlights included Keili Harmston’s Bar score (9.700) being the highest of the Level 3 competition, regardless of age group and Sydney Barnhill’s posting the shared high Vault score of the meet (9.625), leading every level, session and age group.

From Eleven Wildfire Level 4 gymnasts, six earned top 6 All Around awards, four of these AA awards being either Gold, Silver or Bronze. These All Around finalists include Gold Medal winner, Ailani Tran (1st Beam - 9.550), Silver Medalist, Addie Anderson (1st Vault, 1st Bars - 9.650, 1st Floor - 9.500) and top three finishers, 7/8 year old Arianna Espinoza (1st Vault, 1st Floor - 9.500) and Natasha Le. Complementing the efforts of these girls was a strong 1st place highlight from Brianna Taurek adding another Gold for Vault.

As Wildfire’s leading Level 5 All Around scoring gymnast (38.075, 2nd Vault - 9.600, 1st Beam - 9.775!!, 1st Floor 9.625), Kaitlyn Tran’s performance ranked her 2nd amongst the total roster of 80 Level 5 athletes participating including every level, age group and session. Her Beam Score was the highest of the competition, standing also against every level, session and age group. Following Kaitlyn by AA score was 11/12 year old Brianna Nguyen (37.625), and then, Amanda Acosta who became All Around Champion while winning Beam (9.500) and Floor in the process. Of the fourteen Wildfire Level 5’s competing, 25 times did one or more place as part of the top three medal winners. Noteworthy was the Outstanding individual event Gold Medal performance delivered by Emily Tjon, she sharing with fellow Level 3 teammate Sydney, the highest Vault score of the meet including every level, session and age group.