Meet Wildfire Gymnastics!
February 14, 2015

Wildfire Gymnastics is a family oriented and family owned gymnastics gym with two locations in Orange County. Whether you want your child to learn how to tumble, develop more coordination, or do a double full layout, then Wildfire could be the gym for you!

So which of their gyms should you go to - The Tustin gym or the Lake Forest gym? : Whichever location is most convenient for you. Both gyms offer recreational and developmental classes. The brand new facility in Lake Forest is also home to the 100 member Competitive Team Program. Wildfire has roughly 40 coaches at their gym, most having multiple years of experience coaching and helping kids. Having been around for 12 years, Wildfire has become a strong and respected name in the gymnastics industry. While their focus is helping kids improve and develop, the staff is also very customer focused and listens to parents‘ concerns and comments.

So how has Wildfire become so successful? Wildfire believes in a coaching method that helps kids reach their full potential through positive reinforcement. The staff supports and encourages the kids to work hard while building them up with a supportive and positive attitude. Their thought process is “the cup is half full”, which is a huge encouragement and help for kids who might not have the strongest self-esteem and confidence.

This last year, Wildfire had one of their girls qualify for the Nastia Liukin Cup, which is an annual gymnastics competition that serves as a debut for pre-elite competitors on the national stage. Additionally, the gym has multiple girls receive college scholarships in gymnastics EVERY YEAR!

If you’re looking for a gymnastics gym for your child to either learn the basics or compete more seriously, Wildfire is the perfect place! Below is some more information on their gym….many thanks to Nancy for taking the time to talk to us about Wildfire Gymnastics!

Ages: 3 - 18
Levels: 3 - 10
Girls and boys welcome (boys classes are offered, but they do not have competitive teams for boys)
Day Camps and Summer Camps (please contact to find out dates and times)

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