Wildfire Gymnastics spent almost a week this January in Cancun, Mexico for the 2016 Caribbean Winter Invitational. The competition was held at the Iberostar Beach and Golf Resort. Gymnasts representing 22 clubs from Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States including States spanning from California to Florida, came to experience a winter tropical environment while participating in a friendly multi cultural competitive event. Also on site for a separate competition were university teams Michigan, Arkansas and Iowa.

Athletes from Wildfire came to participate for individual honors as well as for team awards at Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10. Good fortune was on hand as with each division, Wildfire gymnasts prevailed by winning together, 59 top three awards. Indicating strong support behind this collective effort is that, of the four optional sessions contested and the ten age groups dividing them, 50 first place individual and All Around awards were presented. Of that 50, Wildfire gymnasts alone, completed their meet earning 24 of them. Wildfire also culminated the competition as Level 7, 8, 9 and 10 Cancun Classic Team Champions for 2016.

Wildfire's 2016 Cancun Classic Level 10 All Around Champions include Grace Kramer (38.000, 1st Vault - 9.725, 1st Floor - 9.775) and Nicoletta Koulos (37.600, 1st Floor - 9.800). Among all Level 10’s, Grace Kramer held the highest ranking AA score of the competition. Outstanding individual event efforts reflect performances by Senior AA Silver Medalist Elle Golison (37.750, 1st Vault - 9.725), Sr. All Around Bronze Medalist, Alexis Gonzales (37.625, 1st Bars - 9.425), Sr. Karli Houghton (1st Beam - 9.700) and Jr. A, All Around Bronze Medalist Emily Lopez (1st Beam - 9.700).

Wildfire's 2016 Cancun Classic Level 9 All Around Champions were Junior A division’s Alyssa Vulaj (37.350, 1st Vault, 1st Floor - 9.750) and Senior winner Alison Rannalli (37.300, 1st Bars - 9.625, 1st Beam). Alyssa Vulaj AA score was the highest among all Level 9’s, including every session and age group. Individual event efforts reflecting sound Gold Medal winning effect were proven by Level 9 Senior AA Silver Medalist Kara Lussier on Floor (1st - 9.700) and Judy An’s win on Beam.

Wildfire Level 8 athlete, Isabelle Hing lead the Junior All Around effort by winning AA Gold accounting for the Level 8 meet high score of 37.500 (1st Floor - 9.725). Isabelle proved by the end the top ranked Level 8 athlete of the meet, including all sessions and age groups. Adding to the Gold Medal count were Junior Divisions Vault Champion, Phoebe Ladd (9.300) and Beam winner, Aurora Huxman (9.650). Child age group’s Jordyn Warner accounted for Gold on Bars (9.625) while Senior Division Morgan Langseth did the same but for Beam (9.400) and Floor (9.350).

Wildfire’s Emily San Jose was not only the highest scoring Level 7, but the top ranked by score of the entire competition including all levels, age groups and sessions. Averaging 9.600, Emily’s All Around total 38.475 included a most outstanding result on Floor scoring the meet high of 9.875. AA Bronze medalist, Summer Barrett, brought on Gold Medal outcomes on Vault (9.700), Beam (9.475) along with a standout Silver Medal venture bringing to it a 9.800.