Wildfire Gymnastics would like to recognize Coach Paris as the Coach of the Month for September 2013. Paris was very instrumental with helping all summer with Wildfire’s camps. He arrived early to set the gym up and greet the early drop off kids each morning (and this year we had 9 weeks of summer camp up from 5 previously). Paris also has been a big help to Wildfire’s owner, Rick Watson, when it comes to repairs, beam recovers, cleaning and so much more. Paris is readily available with a smile and willingness to step right in and do what needs done to get the job completed. As Wildfire is planning to undergo a big remodel during the upcoming winter holidays, Paris is excited and ready to paint, lift, screw, drill, build, carry etc. to spruce up and modernize his home away from home. Coach Paris has been teaching at Wildfire since 2005 and doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon.
Paris loves gymnastics, especially tumbling and trampoline – that is the area of the sport in which he competed for a club in Michigan in his early twenties. Paris represented Team USA on several occasions and likes to share the good feeling of reaching goals and challenging students to give that little bit more when they feel inside they want to quit.
Paris has a heart of gold when it comes to serving Wildfire. This summer he was hit by a car while riding his bike to work and when we was asked if he was okay – he promptly told the woman yes I just need to get my bike fixed and be on my way...bruised and banged up, Paris, the wounded warrior, showed up to work because he said teaching makes him happiest and without seeing the kids he’d be at home feeling sorry for himself. Just this month he changed a date night around because our make-up classes were short staffed.
“Coach Paris – thanks for helping us this summer and always. We know your heart and soul is here and we want you to know you are appreciated!”