Taylor Curran is being recognized as Wildfire’s Coach of the Month. Taylor is a student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. She spent the past two years at Orange Coast College. Taylor grew up locally in Tustin and attended Foothill High School. She has 4 sisters and one brother. Coach Mike was Taylor’s gymnastics coach when she took classes at Wildfire. She also studied ballet for 6 years. In addition, Taylor spent much of her time away from school at the martial arts studio where she began this discipline at age 3 and went on to earn her 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As busy as she was, she seemingly always kept one foot in the door at Wildfire having three sisters take classes and two go on to be a part of the competitive program. So when it came to looking for a part time job three years ago, Wildfire seemed like the natural choice. She stated teaching the embers and junior flames classes and discovered she really liked teaching technique and decided to open a Gym Team (our in house competitive program) for girls ages 7-10. She has found this type of coaching to be very rewarding; and, the girls love her!

Taylor has a great talent for drawing and painting and finds spending time doing art very relaxing for her. She shared this talent with us this past summer helping to decorate the gym for all of our summer camp themes. Portraits are one of her favorite to draw.

In her “free” time between school and working 5 days a week and birthdays on the weekends, Taylor loves to go to the beach, attend country concerts and line dance. She loves her pet dog and two guinea pigs.

When asked what she likes most about her job at Wildfire she told us, “Kids can make you laugh and make you feel better in an instant if you let them. If life is not so kind one day, I truly look forward to coaching and letting the worries of the day go and letting the love of the kids fill my heart. Coaching is a great stress reliever! Thanks Taylor, we appreciate you and your love of the sport and for passionately sharing your energy and enthusiasm with so many young girls.