Introducing - Bobby Parish
Coach of the Month - March 2015

Coach Bobby P, as he is known at Wildfire Gymnastics, was selected as Coach of the Month for March 2015 due to the energy and enthusiasm he shows day in and day out for his classes. For Bobby this isn’t a job, it is his passion. He loves to teach children and his studies at Cal State Fullerton allow him to actually put into practice what he is learning at the university. This May, Bobby will graduate with a degree in Kinesiology focusing on Clinical Exercise Sciences and Coaching.

Bobby grew up in Yorba Linda. He graduated from Santiago High School and began coaching in 2009. Bobby participated in recreational gymnastics himself for 7 years. He was never too fond of outdoor sports so gymnastics, being an indoor and year-round sport, was a great fit for him. Bobby also advanced in Tae Kwon Do but wasn’t overly fond of the combative part of that discipline. That is when he knew gymnastics would be his focus. He loved everything about the sport and as he got older became very interested in the physics and technical aspects of how skills are done and taught. He knew teaching would be in his future.

Through Bobby’s seven years of recreational gymnastics, Bobby trained at several local southern CA clubs learning to coach along the way. He thought if he could break the skill down and teach the basics to youngsters, he could better understand the skills he was learning. The sport continues to be a “give back” to him. He helps kids master cartwheels, full turns, etc., and their smile brings him joy and that happiness that completes his day.

With finals and senior projects upon him now, Bobby doesn’t have much leisure time but when he does (after May 15th) he will be relaxing by listening to electronic dance music and hanging with his little Shih Tzu dog named Mooshi. He’d take in a public session of ice skating and then head out for dinner and eat his favorite meal of teriyaki chicken over rice and finish up with a dessert - a bowl green tea ice cream.

We asked Bobby what likes about working at Wildfire and his reply, “Everything…open door communication, fun environment and most of all Wildfire is a place where I can be myself.” And we love that you are who YOU are. Thanks Bobby and congratulations!