Introducing - Russell Cable
Coach of the Month - May 2016

Russell Cable is being recognized this month for his loyalty and willingness to help Wildfire, as well as the personal growth he has had at the gym. Russell truly loves his job and the children he works with and this is seen on a daily basis not only by the management but by his peers as well. Russell can’t get enough learning. He is always reading up and watching Youtube gymnastics training videos. He loves coaching and may someday want this to be a career for him.

Russell was born and raised in Santa Ana and has a younger sister. He attended Villa Park High School and then graduated through the independent study program of Orange Unified School District He was chosen as speaker of the 2011 class and received the Roger K. Slagle Memorial Scholarship. This academic achievement scholarship was actually started Russell’s graduating year by another teacher who said Russell resembled Mr. Slagle (a teacher who had recently died) and it was to encourage and help Russell start college. Russell found college to be a good fit for him after earlier high school years were a bit of a struggle. He kept his grades up and this winter
he will graduate from Santiago Canyon College with an AA in psychology and he is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. His future plans are to continue schooling at Cal State Fullerton University.

Russell enjoys activities such as handball, working out lifting weights, riding bikes and riding motorcycles but when he came to an open gym at Wildfire one time a few years ago he was immediately hooked on twisting and flipping. Russell met Coach Paris at Wildfire and was told the gym was hiring…and the rest is history. Russell told me, “I never thought I’d be teaching people in the sport I love! I so enjoy the “aha” moment when the child realizes they are stronger and more capable then they thought they were.”

Russell shared that he was basically self-taught in the sport of gymnastics and it began with a trampoline his family had in their backyard. He has landed a back full-in, half out on the trampoline – basically that means he twists 1 ½ times while flipping twice. He loves “all you can eat sushi,” vacationing in Hawaii, and believes in the philosophy of “if you are going to do something, do it right.” Russell likes to make his gymnastics classes fun. He believes in the importance of discipline; be it in sport, work or life in general. If you haven’t seen Russell in action, check out the boys junior flames classes - you’ll be impressed.