Coach Brittany is being honored for her continued service to Wildfire. She has grown and matured over the past three years and continues to seek out ways to better herself as a coach and teacher. She has really grown into the job and we wanted to recognize her for that.
Brittany has always had a love for sports…which has included a few years of dancing, seven years of gymnastics, several years of swim team and water polo and one year of high school volleyball. She loves to be outdoors and her present forms of activity include hiking and dirt bike riding. Matter of fact, as I write this, Brittany is on a weekend get away in Utah to spend time hiking and re-energizing as she thinks about the future and what her ultimate schooling goals are. She presently attends Santiago Community College. She would love to spend at least one semester studying abroad.
Brittany started her gymnastics career at age three following in her sister’s footsteps. Her favorite event was floor exercise. She loved how the sport gave her the push and drive to better her skills. She liked that she learned to become an independent worker because “how good she was going to be as a gymnast” was up to her and how hard she would choose to work. The drive and dedication she learned working out each day was able to carried throughout high school and now into her college classes. Then one day at age 10 Brittany suffered a torn Achilles tendon and it was recommended she find another activity to replace gymnastics.
Brittany is very close to her family and enjoys the companionship of her older sister and brother and loves being “auntie” to niece, Autumn. She also has three big dogs at home, a German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and a chocolate Lab. An interesting bit of info that not many people know about Brittany is that for several years, when she was little, she was in a singing group and her favorite food is sushi.
Her favorite memory as a gymnast at Wildfire was the inside slip and slide during summer camps. Presently what she cherishes about working at Wildfire is the fact that she has made many good friends among the co-workers she is with 5-6 days a week. The job has taught her to be good at thinking on her feet, planning impromptu activities when the lesson plan just isn’t going right, to be creative and think outside the box as well as finding the positive in each and every day no matter how hard of a day she is having. She knows the kids count on her to have a smile and good attitude - that positive attitude is why Coach Brittany is Wildfire’s Coach of the Month!