Wildfire’s last team competition prior to the SoCal State Championships was the three day event, Heart of a Champion Invitational held at the Pasadena Convention Center beginning February 26th. Appearing were 1184 gymnasts representing some 56 teams. From this, Wildfire came away with three team championships, they being for Levels 8, 9 and 10 and a 2nd place position for Level 7. Also from this event were 20 top three All Around finishes including 70 individual event top three award winners. This includes 41 Gold medal finishes, 11 for All Around.

Congratulations to our two Level 10 All Around Champions, Sr. B - Grace Kramer (38.250, 2nd Vault - 9.875, 2nd Bars - 9.250 and Floor 9.600, 3rd Beam - 9.525) and Sr. A - Melanie Lockhart, she also winning Vault (9.675), Bars and Floor (9.425) as well. Grace Ranked 3rd among the complete roster of 88 Level 10 gymnasts, all age groups and from every session. Outstanding AA and Individual Event performances include those by our Silver Medal All Around winners, Jr. B - Sanya Glauber (2nd Bars - 9.550), Sr. B - Elle Golison (3rd Vault - 9.775, 1st Floor - 9.650) and Jr. A - Sydney Gonzales (1st Vault - 9.650, 1st Floor - 9.475, 2nd Beam - 9.500).

Wildfire’s Level 9 Jr. B - All Around Champion, Jordyn Duffield (37.775, 1st Vault - 9.800!!, 1st Bars) finished her competition ranked 3rd among the complete roster of 120 Level 9 gymnasts participating, including every session and all age groups. She was 1st among all Jr. B’s competing during the course of the three day event. Following Jordyn were her All Around Gold Medalist teammates, Sr. B - Logan Mc Bain (1st Bars - 9.500, 1st Beam and Floor), Jr. A - Avery Serna (1st Vault, Bars and Floor) and Sr. A - Alison Rannalli (1st Bars - 9.400, 1st Floor - 9.450). Sound execution was evident also by Lanie Kimura and her Silver Medal AA performance, highlighted by a 1st place finish on Beam.

Of the 42 Level 8 gymnasts in their session, Wildfire’s Jr. A - All Around Champion, Jordyn Warner (1st Vault, 1st Bars - 9.575 and Floor - 9.400) and Isabelle Hing, Sr. A - AA Gold Medalist (1st Beam and Floor - 9.450), ranked 1st and 2nd respectively as part of that group of 42 competing gymnasts. Kimi Kishimoto, last year’s Heart of a Champion Level 7 Silver Medalist, finished out in 2016 as a Jr. B - Level 8 All Around Gold Medal winner. She ranked also, 1st on Vault and Bars (9.475). Jr. B - AA Silver Medalist, Blakely Malpass completed her weekend adding 1st place titles on Bars (9.475) and Floor (9.425).

Of the total number of 164 Level 7 participants at the meet, Wildfire’s Audrey Easter, Jr. B - All Around Champion (38.350, 2nd Vault - 9.550, 2nd Beam - 9.650 and Floor 9.675), and Sr. B - AA Champion, Julia Patrick (37.825, 1st Vault - 9.600, 2nd Floor - 9.600) ranked among the top in 10 of that number by score. Audrey showed at 6th from that group of 164. Invitational Bar Champion and All Around Jr. B - Bronze Medalist, Olivia Roberts rounds out her experience winning by the end, Vault (9.575) and Floor (9.700!).