madison mcintyre

Madison McIntyre

Committed to a Full Academic Scholarship to Utah State University
Class of 2017

2008 Level 4 Sectionals Vault, Bars and AA. Champion, 2nd Pl. Beam
2008 Level 4 (Plat) State Floor Champion, 2nd Pl. Vault & AA., 3rd Pl. Bars
2009 Level 5 Sectionals 2nd Pl. Beam
2009 Level 5 State 2nd Pl. Beam, 3rd Pl. Vault
2010 Level 5 Sectionals 3rd Pl. Floor 5th AA
2010 Level 5 State 3rd Vault, Bars & AA
2011 Level 6 Sectional Qualifier
2011 Level 6 State 2nd Pl Vault , 5th AA
2013 Level 7 State 2nd Pl. Floor & AA
2013 Level 7 Region 1 Vault Champion, 2nd AA 3rd Beam
2014 Level 8 State 2nd Vault & Beam, 3rd Floor & AA
2014 Level 8 Region 1 Floor Champion, 2nd Bars, 3rd AA
2015 Level 9 State 5th AA
2015 Level 9 Region 1 3rd AA
2015 Level 9 Western Nationals 6th Pl. Bars, 8th AA
2016 Level 10 State Qualifier
2016 Level 10 Regional Qualifier
2017 Level 10 State Qualifier
2017 Level 10 State 3rd Pl Vault & Floor
2017 Level 10 Regional Qualifier

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Skill Chart


Handspring front tuck

Pivot to bail handstand, free hip hect to high, double tuck and toe on front dismount

BHS Layout, tuck front toss, switch leap straddle 1/4, split jump back tuck, gainer pike off end dismount

RO 1 1/2 pike, punch lay lay, punch front 1/1, switch ring tour jete 1/2


Front handspring front pike, pike 1/2

Tkachev, free hip bail handstand, free hip hect to high, toe on front full dismount

BHS Layout, tuck front toss split jump, switch leap straddle 1/2 back tuck, piked front toss, gainer pike dismount

RO 1 1/2 layout, punch LO 1/1 front pike, double tuck