Wildfire Level 9 gymnast, Madison McIntyre and Level 10 teammates Nicoletta Koulos, Emily Lopez, Grace Kramer and Elle Golison have now culminated their 2015 competition season. For Madison, it was at the Western National Championships in Spokane, WA. For the 10’s, it was at the USAG J.O. National Championships in Des Moines IA. Both events occurred during the first two weeks in May.

The USAG J.O. Western National Championships is the defining championships for the Level 9 gymnast as they identify with clubs from states west of the Mississippi River. These clubs are organized into four regions: Regions 1, 2, 3 and 4. SoCal is part of Region 1. Madison McIntyre finished her Western National Championship experience ranked 8th All Around as a Senior D. In so doing she placed herself as the second highest scoring SoCal gymnast of that group. Madison also medaled on Bars accounting for a 6th place result among all Senior D’s representing the Western United States.

From across the country, east to west and north to south, came 659 gymnasts to compete at the 2015 USAG Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships and National Invitational Tournament. Theses athletes represented every state from each of the 8 designated regions comprising the USAG organizational geographic framework of the United States.

At J.O. Nationals, 56 gymnasts compete in each of eight separate age groups contested: four Junior and four Senior. Athletes qualify by ranking among the top seven per age division at their respective Regional Championships.

Wildfire’s Nicoletta Koulos (2015 SoCal State All Around Champion and 6th AA Nastia Cup finisher) completed her J.O. National competition ranked 9th AA, and 6th on Bars. As it turned out, she did as part of the Junior B age division, account for the 2nd highest All Around score posted by a Southern California Gymnast from that group.

Nicoletta’s teammate, Emily Lopez, competed as a Junior A, she finishing her day placing 15th AA of 56 gymnasts. As a Junior A, she was not only the 2nd highest All Around scoring SoCal athlete among that group, but also the 2nd highest scoring Junior A gymnast representing Region 1, a region consisting of SoCal, NorCal, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

The USAG National Invitational Tournament is a competition designed specifically for close alternates to the National Championships. Gymnasts are invited to the NIT at the conclusion of their respective Regional Championships. The contingency is that they have to complete the competition ranked somewhere between 8th to 11th place.

Wildfire had representing, two such athletes. They were 2015 SoCal State All Around Champion Grace Kramer and teammate Elle Golison. Grace the 2014 NIT National Vault and Floor Champion, this time around finished her meet as the All Around Silver Medalist, winning Silver as well on Beam and Floor. She placed 4th on Vault. First time national competitor, Elle Golison was sound in her efforts showing great success becoming the Senior C Silver Medalist on Vault and Bronze Medalist on Floor. Among her fellow Senior C’s, Elle culminated her season at 8th All Around.