Wildfire Gymnastic’s second venture into its 2016 optional season took place at the Palm Springs Convention Center, the event being the Palm Springs Gymnastics Cup. Twenty-seven teams participated bringing with them 492 gymnasts coming from across the western United States, Mexico and as far as Australia! Wildfire gymnasts competed at Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10, becoming by the end, the 2016 Palm Strings Gymnastics Cup Level 10 Team Champions. Our Levels 7, 8 and 9 teams finished ranked 2nd. Wildfire athletes won, as well, All Around Gold at every level entered including Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Sr. B division’s Grace Kramer, was the highest scoring Level 10 of the competition, including all age groups. Winning that distinction while accounting for a 37.900 All Around total, Grace showed a level of consistency by winning two individual events (1st Vault - 9.700 and Floor 9.650). Wildfire gymnasts won two Level 10 age groups, Sydney Gonzalez leading the Junior A Division. Her AA score of 37.650 brought with it two individual event Golds (Vault - 9.600 and Floor - 9.650). Other outstanding individual event performances included those by Senior B, All Around Silver Medalist, Melanie Lockhart (1st Beam and Floor - 9.650), 2015 Palm Springs Cup AA Champion, Nico Koulos (1st Vault - 9.700) and All Around Silver medalist - Senior A, Alexis Gonzales (1st Floor - 9.500). Of note would be that Grace and Nico tied as having the highest Level 10 Vault score of the entire completion as did Sydney Gonzales for Floor.

Of the four Level 9 age divisions (Jr. A & B, Sr. A & B), six Wildfire gymnasts placed among the top three All Around, five of them among the top two. Alyssa Vulaj, was by virtue of a steady consistent effort, the highest scoring Wildfire Level 9 of the competition. Following her was Palm Springs Cup AA Champion Logan Mc Bain, she winning Vault and Beam on the way. Individual event standout efforts included those by All Around Silver Medalists every one, Jordyn Duffield (1st Bars), Alison Rannalli (1st Vault), Chase Farris (1st Bars and Floor) and Kara Lussier. Also notable was Julianna Harrison’s (AA - 4th) Gold medal product on Floor.

Wildfire Level 8 gymnast, Isabelle Hing, was the highest All Around scoring Level 8 gymnast of the weekend including all age divisions. She also finished out earning Gold on three events, they being Bars (9.550), Beam (9.500) and Floor (9.525). Also of note is Isabelle’s Bar score; that, it was the highest Level 8 Bar score of the completion. Ranking 2nd AA directly behind Isabelle, was Vault Champion and teammate Jayden Ruth. Adding to Wildfire’s top three scoring athletes, with identical AA totals, are All Around Bronze medalist, Kimi Kishimoto and Jordyn Warner. Winning Gold for her decisive work on Floor was Aurora Huxman.

Of the four Level 7 Wildfire All Around gymnasts participating, each finished their weekend inside the top three All Around. AA Champion, Emily San Jose (37.800) held the second highest AA score of the Level 7 competition, including all age divisions. Her achievement also brought about two other victories, winning Gold on Vault (9.725) and Floor (9.600). Her Vault total was the highest on the event as part of the Level 7 competition as a whole. All Around Silver medalist, Junior B, Olivia Roberts (37.500, 1st Vault - 9.700), Senior A, Silver medalist, Julia Patrick (1st Vault - 9.65, 1st Beam - 9.500) and third place AA award winner, Audrey Easter (1st Beam - 9.525) produced highlighted results indicative of a well executed and successful competition.