The Level 8, 9 and 10 Region 1 Championships were conducted this year at the South Point Hotel, Las Vegas during the weekend of April 8. This competition, a culminating event for Level 8, served as the qualifying vehicle to USAG J.O. Level 9 Western Championships (Missoula, MT) and USAG J.O. Level 10 National Championships (Fort Worth, TX). Region 1 is an association of five state entities including SoCal, NorCal, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

In the mix were 986 gymnasts representing in the area of about 145 teams. On site were 283 Level 10 athletes representing 63 teams. Wildfire Level 10’s, securing a 9.6 top three individual event scoring average, ranked 3rd among those 63 teams, then becoming the highest scoring Level 10 program from SoCal. There were 217 Level 9 gymnasts competing All Around, they representing about 90 teams. Finishing as the top scoring team from Orange County, Wildfire, with an individual event average of 9.55, ranked 2nd overall of those 90 teams. The Wildfire Level 8 girls duplicated the Level 9 scenario exactly, becoming the top scoring Level 8 team from Orange County and then finishing the championships by ranking 2nd overall. This came about after competing along side some 120 teams.

Wildfire remained consistent by placing three teams, one each at Levels 8, 9 and 10, all ranking overall inside the top three. Wildfire was the only program to accomplish this achievement. Wildfire’s Level 8, 9 and 10's together, effectively accounted for 32 Gold medals from which six of them were for All Around. More then any other team at these regional championships, six Wildfire athletes were presented with All Around Championship Gold. And these awards were reflective of outstanding efforts at every level, they being two All Around wins for Level 10, one for Level 9 and three for Level 8.

By the end of the three day weekend, 12 Wildfire gymnasts, Levels 9 and 10 qualified for respective National Championship spots. This makes 69 times Wildfire gymnasts have qualified to USAG J.O. National Championship events since our beginning in 2003.

Five Wildfire Level 10 gymnasts will be making the trip to the 2016 USAG J.O. National Championships in Fort Worth. From that group of five are two Regional All Around Champions, four Regional Beam Champions, three Regional Vault Champions, a Silver Medalist on Bars. Congratulations to Nicoletta Koulos (UCLA/ 2019) on the occasion of her third trip to Nationals, she becoming the 2016 Junior D Regional All Around Champion (38.475, 1st Vault - 9.75, 1st Beam - 9.650). Senior F - Regional AA Champion (1st Vault - 9.750, 1st Beam - 9.450) and first time National qualifier, Elle Golison (Utah State/ 2016) will be concluding her club career in proud fashion as she prepares for her J.O. National experience. Elle’s long time teammate and 2016 Senior C, All Around Silver Medalist (38.075, 1st Beam - 9.650), Melanie Lockhart (BYU 2017), will too be on her first J.O. National Championship trip. She will be keeping good company when joining with Junior B, Sydney Gonzales, a two time qualifier and current Region 1 AA Bronze Medalist (1st Vault - 9.800!, 1st Beam - 9.725). Teaming up as well will be Sanya Glauber the 2016 Junior E - Silver Medalist for Bars (9.675!).

Seven Wildfire gymnasts will be making the trip to Western Nationals this year. First on that list is Wildfire’s Jordyn Duffield, ranked 3rd among the 217 Level 9 gymnasts who competed All Around, they representing every age division. She posted the 9th highest AA score of the entire three day enterprise which included 985 athletes at every level and age group. As a Junior 8, Jordyn placed 2nd AA (38.625, 1st Vault - 9.850!!) and by meet’s end, presented the highest Level 9 Vault score of the meet. Logan McBain (2016 SoCal Level 9 Sr. State AA Champion) put together a 38.00 All Around total making her the Senior 4 Region 1 AA Champion. Logan likewise, completed her competition as Beam and Floor Champion, scoring 9.625 and 9.650 respectively. The traveling group comprises as well: Junior 3 - Alyssa Vulaj, Junior 5 - Avery Serna (2016 SoCal Level 9 Jr. State AA Champion), Senior 2 - Lanie Kimura, Senior 2 - Judy An and Senior 4 - Chase Ferris.

Of the 386 Level 8 gymnasts competing All Around at this meet, involving every age division, Wildfire’s Isabelle Hing and Jordyn Warner ranked among the top of that number of 386. As a unit, Wildfire’s Level 8 group finished their culminating competition producing strong results as reflected by three Regional All Around Championships, three Regional Bars Championships, two Regional Floor Championships and one Regional Beam Championship. Strong leaders in this effort were Jr. H - All Around Champion, Isabelle Hing (38.225, 1st Bars - 9.700, 1st Beam - 9.575), Ch. B - All Around Champion, Jordyn Warner (38.150, 1st Bars - 9.700), Sr. B - All Around Champion, Jayden Ruth (37.950, 1st Bars - 9.625, 1st Floor - 9.550) and Jr. F - All Around Silver Medalist, Phoebe Ladd (1st Floor - 9.550).