There were 1084 gymnasts competing at the 2017 SoCal State Championships, they representing together nearly 90 teams at Levels 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Wildfire, competed Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Wildfire’s Level 10 team has inside the last seven years, ranked among the top three once, top two four times and then three times finishing as Level 10, SoCal State Team Champions. Since 2006, it has been 11 times now that a Wildfire gymnast has won a Level 10 SoCal Championship All Around Gold. Two Wildfire gymnasts ranked among the top three in 2017, they being 2016 National Vault Champion, Sydney Gonzales and 2017 Utah State bound, Madison McIntyre. Their individual event highlights included a 2nd on Vault for Sydney and Bronze medals for Vault and Floor to Madison. Additional notable individual event successes include those by 2017 Oregon State bound Alexis Gonzales (2nd Vault, 2nd Beam) and 16 year old Sanya Glauber, she winning Bars by posting 9.750. Sanya’s Bar score was ranked as the second highest of the 107 Level 10 gymnasts competing, encompassing all age groups.

There were 139 Level 9 gymnasts participating. Two Wildfire gymnasts were by the end Gold Medal All Around Champions. Leading by score among Wildfire Level 9’s was 16 year old Alison Rannalli (ranked 15th of that total number of 139 gymnasts). Alison complemented her AA Gold by winning Bars and placing 2nd on Beam. Our second AA Gold medalist was Tiffany Scott. Tiffany combined her All Around victory by becoming Level 9 State Champion on three events (Vault, Bars and Floor). Adding too, was Individual event highlights for All Around Bronze medalist Juliana Harrison, that revolving around her State Championship win on Floor and then also Lanie Kimura’s Silver Medal effort on Bars.

Leading Wildfire’s Level 8 effort was first off, 15 year old All Around Bronze medalist Julia Patrick (2nd Vault - 9.525, 2nd Floor). Also included in this effort was previous year’s Level 7 State AA Champion, Kimi Kishimoto. Kimi, at 14 years old, finished here at 4th AA accounting for a 37.650 (1st Vault - 9.650). Complementing the process with the second highest All Around score for Wildfire was 11 year Avery Byun who posted seconds on Vault and Beam. Deserving note, was the Gold Medal result for Vault, awarded to 12 year old Olivia Roberts.

Kaitlyn Tran, 2016 State Level 5 All Around Champion, placed 3rd on this occasion, Level 7 State, with a 38.375 AA total (1st Vault - 9.900!!, 2nd Floor - 9.800!!). Kaitlyn’s Vault score did by the end of the weekend prove to be the highest of the event among all levels and age groups. Following Kaitlyn, as Wildfire’s second highest Level 7 AA scoring gymnast, was Brianna Nguyen (2nd Beam - 9.650). Then following Brianna and rounding out our top three finishers by score was Dasha Knobel (37.575). Individual event Championship efforts were also included from 12 year old ‘A’ division Silver Medalist Claire MacDonald (Vault - 9.800) and 12 year old ‘B’ Division’s Gold medal winner Tenley Park (Vault - 9.775).