Wildfire Gymnastics concluded its 2014 compulsory competitive season on November 16th at the Level 3, 4 and 5 SoCal South State Championships. This culminating event was held at the Town and Country Resort Hotel in San Diego. All together, 799 gymnasts participated, they representing some 40 teams. Fifty eight of them were from Wildfire.

By weekend’s end, as part of those 799 gymnasts competing, three Wildfire gymnasts found themselves among the top nine highest scoring All Around athletes of the meet, Amelia Wagner producing the 2nd highest score of that group of 799. Together Wildfire athletes accumulated 105 top three awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Twenty five of them were for All Around. That includes 8 Gold medals for AA, four more than any other team at the competition. This great effort brought about three top two State Team Championship finishes, reflecting wins for Levels 3 and 5 with one 2nd place ranking for Level 4. Wildfire was the only team to complete the competition recognized has having secured this tri-level achievement.

By virtue of a 9.45 individual event team average, Wildfire Gymnastics is the Level 5 State Team Champion for 2014. From 127 total Level 5 gymnasts entered, twelve Wildfire girls won 4 All Around Gold and 2 AA Silver in the process of their team win. In this were also 21 top three individual event award rankings including 8 individual event Gold, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze. Leading this group of girls to this season’s culminating result was 2013 Level 4 AA Champion and Wildfire’s 2014 high scoring Level 5 gymnast, 12 year old Silver Medalist Julia Patrick (37.725, 1st Beam - 9.70, 2nd Bars). Thirteen year old All Around Champion Erika Flaherty (ranked 7th among the 127 total Level 5 entrants/ all age groups) won Vault, Bars and Floor on her way to AA Gold. Jordyn Warner, the nine year old All Around Champion (37.675, 1st Vault - 9.60, 2nd Bars, 2nd Floor) tied with Erika as being ranked 7th as part of that total of 127 entrants. Eleven year old Leah Ellwein, one of four Level 5 AA Champions of the weekend, finished out with a 37.600 (1st Vault, 1st Beam) and was followed by 2014 AA Champion, fourteen year old Erica Miller (1st Vault, Beam and 2nd Bars). Congratulations to eleven year old Makenzie Stanton (2nd Bars, 3rd Beam and Floor) for her All Around Silver Medal State Championship effort for 2014.

Wildfire’s 2014 Level 4 team, with a proud 9.50 average, ranked by the end, and finishing as we did in 2013, in 2nd. Thirty one top three medals were awarded to Wildfire gymnasts including 6 Gold, 11 Silver and 14 Bronze including 7 for All Around. There were 262 Level 4 gymnasts competing in San Diego this weekend of November 14th. Ranked 2nd among them all, was Wildfire’s twelve year old All Around Champion and undefeated Vaulter, Amy Sullivan (38.300, 1st Vault - 9.475, 3rd Bars - 9.60, 2nd Beam - 9.525 and 1st Floor - 9.700). Silver Medal AA performances follow eleven year old Paige Jang (37.825, 1st Beam - 9.625) and Katarina Delgado (37.525). Good skills to our All Around Bronze Medalists, 8 year old Avery Byun (37.750, 1st Vault 9.425, 2nd Bars - 9.550), eleven year old Brisa Mariano (37.675, 1st Vault - 9.525), 9 year old Kaitlyn Tran (37.475, 3rd Bars - 9.500, 2nd Beam - 9.665) and Natalie Rydel (37.250, 2nd Floor - 9.625).

Wildfire Team Level 3, undefeated these past two years, came about, accounting for a 9.6 individual event team average, by winning its second State Team Championship in two consecutive seasons. The Level 3 competition consisted of 410 individual participants in all. Singularly, three Wildfire athletes ranked inside the top ten of that roster of 410. The number one scoring Level 3 gymnast of the entire meet, including all age divisions and sessions, was Wildfire’s 9 year old All Around Champion, Amelia Wagner (38.600, 1st Vault - 9.850!!, 1st Beam - 9.800!!, 3rd Floor - 9.700). Amelia’s 9.800 on Beam tied her for the highest Beam score of the three day competition, including all age groups, sessions and levels. The other two among that top ten AA were 11 year old AA Champion Addie Anderson (38.250, 1st Vault - 9.650, 2nd Beam - 9.650) and 2nd AA winner, 10 year old Lauren Bowers (38.375, 1st Beam - 9.700, 2nd Floor - 9.800!!). Twenty three Wildfire Level 3 gymnasts came to compete and so they did, earning 47 top three place standings, they being awarded 15 Gold, 21 Silver and 11 Bronze medals. Twelve of these were for All Around. Outstanding AA efforts were defined with such work also done by, for example, 1st place AA Payton Polana. Others would be 2nd place AA finishes by 8 year old Candice McNally’s (38.100), Ailani Tran (38.100, 1st Beam - 9.675), Tasmyn Dahan (1st Vault - 9.625) and Allison Thomas (1st Beam). All Around Bronze Medalist, Aarushi Anil (38.200, 1st Vault - 9.900!!) closed out her experience having her Vault being granted the highest Vault score of the weekend including all age groups, sessions and levels. Adding further to the list of Wildfire 3rd place AA Champions there was seven year old Mikayla Stover (37.800, 1st Beam), 9 year old Erica Lin (37.625, 1st Floor - 9.725) and Ashley Pak (37.575).

**Photo credit, Sandra Rannalli