During the last weekend of September, Wildfire Gymnastics took its annual compulsory level team travel trip to Las Vegas, competing at the Gymcats Brooklynn Mohler Invitational. The well run event involved 321 gymnasts showing up from Nevada, Utah and California. Forty-nine Wildfire gymnasts (6 of whom, in rank order, were rated as the top scoring athletes of the entire weekend event) accounted for 27 top 3 All Around finishes while 11 of them emerged as Gold medal AA champions. Team Wildfire Levels 3, 4 and 5 defended their 2015 results and still remain invitational team champions.

Wildfire’s Team - Level 3, accumulated a team total that reflects an individual event average just above 9.55. Ninety-five Level 3 gymnasts participated, and from this roster 13 Wildfire athletes finished among the top 20. Wildfire gymnasts came up with 13 AA top 3 awards, 5 of whom were presented with All Around Gold. The highest scoring AA by any gymnast of the entire weekend including all levels, age groups and sessions was Wildfire’s Makena Jarrett (38.375), she winning three events reflecting the meet high score she posted on Vault for a 9.825! The All Around Champions list also includes Erin Chen (1st AA - 37.700, 1st Bars - 9.500, 1st Beam and 1st Floor - Invite high 9.725), Keili Harmston (1st AA - 37.400, 1st Bars - 9.500, 1st Beam and Floor), Sabrina Signorino (1st AA - 37.275, 1st Bars - 9.525, 1st Beam and Floor), and 7 year old, Emma Le (1st AA - 36.800, 1st Beam, 1st Floor - 9.625). Individual event Champions include Kathryn Bayles (Floor - 9.550), Katie Bieger (Vault - 9.575), Logan Welsh (Vault - 9.525) and 7 year old Kherrington McGinley (Vault - 9.500).

Seventy-four Level 4 gymnasts participated at this competition and Wildfire gymnasts, by the end, ranked 4 among the top 5. Six Wildfire gymnasts finished as top 3 All Around award recipients in their various age groups. Three of them won All Around Gold. The Wildfire girls posted a 9.400 team average to win the 2016 Gymcats Invitational Level 4 Team Championship. The leading Level 4 All Around athlete of the competition, with a 37.475, was Wildfire’s Arianna Espinoza. Seven year old Arianna posted as well, winning scores on Vault (9.550), Beam (9.550) and Floor (9.375). AA Champion Addie Anderson won her age group with a 37.275 posting the high Level 4 Bar score (9.700) of the competition including all age groups. Addie in due course, achieved the same result on Vault, the score there being 9.575. Additional individual event highlights were gold medal performances from: AA Champion Brianna Taurek, she winning Bars, Beam and Floor, 2nd place All Around finisher and Vault Champion, Presley Wickman and Vault Champion, Lauren Stevens.

Seven Wildfire Level 5 gymnasts, by meet’s end, ranked in order as the top 7 scoring athletes of the Level 5 competition, and by adding 1 more there were 8 among the top 10. Wildfire girls, producing a team event average score of 9.45 brought about our third of 3 team championships. Leading the Level 5 team effort was the top scoring Level 5 gymnast of the entire meet, Kaitlyn Tran (1st Beam - 9.675, 1st Floor - 9.650). Kaitlyn’s Beam score was the highest of the entire Level 5 competition. Other AA champions and standout AA performers include Brianna Nguyen, who after winning Bars accounted for the highest Vault score of the Level 5 competition. Amanda Acosta owning the highest Bar score of the Level 5 competition at 9.500, by the end, finished up as Beam and Floor Champion as well. Alison Thomas winning her second AA effort of two this year, walks as a 2016 Gymcat Invite 2 time individual event Gold Medalist (Beam and Floor). Notable, was 2015 Gymcat Invitational Level 4 AA Champion, Emily Tjon finishing here as a 2016 Level 5 Vault winner.