Wildfire Gymnastics completed its second compulsory Levels 3, 4 and 5 competition season 2017 on the weekend of September 9th. The meet involved in total, 231 gymnasts. Wildfire finished five gymnasts among the top six, representing all Levels. Two of them ranked as the first two of that group of 231. From this roster were 61 Wildfire gymnasts, 30 of them winning either AA Gold (13), Silver (12) or Bronze (5). These same 61 gymnasts accounted for 110 top three individual event awards, 41 of them Gold. And by day’s end, Wildfire emerged as Winners’ Invitational 2017 Team Champions, sweeping all three levels.

The 2017 Winners’ Invitational leading All Around scoring gymnast, was Wildfire’s Level 5, Dayenu Munoz (38.250, 1st Bars - 9.700!, 1st Beam - 9.65 and Floor). Dayenu’s performance ranked her 1st amongst the entire roster of 231 athletes participating including every level, age group and session. Her Bar Score was the highest of the competition, standing also against every level, session and age group. Ranking 2nd just behind Dayenu by one quarter of a tenth, was 12 year old AA Runner Up, Alexa Alcantar (38.225, 1st Vault - 9.750!!). Alexa’s Vault score was the highest of the weekend including all levels, age groups and sessions.
Being a part of the top four at a meet of 39 Level 5’s were two more Wildfire gymnasts, one being 10 year old Thi Nguyen, she posting an All Around Championship total of 37.875 (1st - Bars, Beam and Floor). The other would be Arianna Espinoza, the 8 - 9 age group AA Gold Medalist and winner on Vault, Bars and Beam. Wildfire entered 16 Level 5 gymnasts and by the end, 5 were All Around Champions and this includes 13 year old AA Champion, Ailani Tran (1st Vault, Bars and Floor). Three more of that 16 were All Around Silver Medalists. In addition to Alexa Alcantar, they were Mikayla Stover (1st, Vault - 9.625) and Addie Anderson (1st Beam).

Thirty six athletes entered as Level 4 gymnasts. Sixteen were from Wildfire, and from these 16, seven of them ranked among the top eight of that Level 4 roster of 36. Nine of these girls ranked either as All Around Champions or as Runner Ups. Leading that effort was 11 - 12 year old All Around Champion, Makena Jarrett (37.500, 1st Beam - 9.256). Placing 2nd, right behind Makena by less then a tenth, was 11 - 12 AA Silver Medalist, Gillian Burrows (37.425). Adding to her success, Gillian earned Golds on the three remaining events for the 11 - 12 age division: Vault, Floor and Bars (9.675) Her Vault and Bar scores were the highest of the Level 4 competition counting all age groups. Strong Wildfire performances were characteristic of the day. Standout examples would including those by 10 year old AA Champion - Kaylee Ossman, 9 year old All Around Gold Medalist - Keili Harmston (1st Bars, Floor), 7 - 8 year old All Around winner Emma Le (1st Beam - 9.625, 1st Floor), 9 year old AA Silver winning runner up - Annie Lin (1st Beam), 10 year old 2nd place All Around winner - Erin Chen (1st Floor) and also 10 year old Beam winner - Skylar Leung. Skylar’s Beam score was the highest of the Level 4 competition representing all age groups.

Wildfire entered 31 Level 3 gymnasts and from these came, in total, 50 top three awards including 20 Gold. Wildfire Level 3’s Kaytie Dobbert Madson, Ava-Malani Franco and Skyler Cazale finished as part of the top three among the 134 Level 3’s participating. Eight year old AA Champion, Kaytie was the highest scoring level 3 of the meet, including all age groups and sessions. Her All Around score finalized at 37.900 (1st Vault, Bars and Floor). Directly following Kaytie was 9 year old AA winner, Ava-Malani, she finishing out at 37.550 (1st Vault - 9.600). Completing the three step sweep was 10 year old All Around Champion, Skyler Cazale (37.500, 1st Bars, Beam and Floor). Notable efforts resulted in eleven additional individual event Golds, they being from 6 year old AA leader Maylee Chen (1st Floor), 10 year old Riley Hochman (2nd AA, 1st Bars), 9 year old AA Silver Medalist, Paige Hoffmann (1st Beam - 9.500), All Around 2nd place winner Samantha Bray (1st Bars), Katie Bieger (1st Vault, 1st Bars - 9.700), Sophia Alagha (1st Bars), Adrienne Fleener (1st Floor), Logan Welsh (1st Floor), Reagan Hoffmann (1st Floor), Paola Aguilar (1st Floor) and finally Lauren Warners 1st Vault). Of note is that of the 134 Level 3 gymnasts competing, Wildfire girls accounted for three high event scores among them including postings by Ava-Malani on Vault (9.600), Katie Bieger on Bars (9.700) and Samantha Bray for Beam (9.525).