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Region 1

The Level 8, 9 and 10 Region 1 Championships were conducted this year at the Reno - Sparks Convention Center during the weekend of April 13.  This competition, a culminating event for Level 8, served as the qualifying vehicle to USAG J.O. Level 9 Western Championships (Sandy, Utah) and USAG J.O. Level 10 National Championships (Cincinnati, OH). Region 1 is an association of five state entities including SoCal, NorCal, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

In the mix were 1065 gymnasts representing in the area of about 145 teams. Seventeen Wildfire gymnasts, Level 8, 9 and 10's together, effectively accounted for 19 top three awards from which 5 of them were for All Around.  By the end of the three day weekend, seven Wildfire gymnasts, Levels 9 and 10 qualified for respective National Championship spots. This makes 81 times Wildfire gymnasts have qualified to USAG J.O. National Championship events since our beginning in 2003. 

On site were 246 Level 10 athletes representing 75 teams.  Five Wildfire Level 10 gymnasts will be making the trip to the 2018 USAG J.O. National Championships in Ohio. Of the 75 teams competing Level 10 athletes, no more than two of them qualified more. Congratulations to 2016/17 J.O. National Team Member Nicoletta Koulos (UCLA/ 2019) on the occasion of her fifth trip to Nationals, she becoming the 2017 Senior D Regional All Around Bronze Medalist (38.075). And to as well, our 2017/2018 J.O.National Team Member,  Sydney Gonzales (Oregon State/ 2020) on her fourth trip to J.O. Nationals. Ranking 3rd on Beam (9.600) Sydney is also the 2018 Sr. A - Regional Vault and Floor Champion (Vault - 9.800!, Floor - 9.625). Wildfire Gymnastics is proud to note the special qualifying achievement of the 2018 Senior A - All Around Silver Medalist and 3rd ranked Vaulter (9.750), Emily Lopez, her good work prompting her second trip to the culminating event. Emily and Sydney will serve together representing Region 1 as part of the Sr. A Regional Team.  Additional highlights included outstanding efforts by first time qualifiers, Jr. E - All Around Bronze Medalist, Tessa Blanchard (1st Vault - 9.725, 3rd Bars) and Sr. C - Ashton Woodbury (2nd Vault - 9.700).  

There were 272 Level 9 gymnasts competing All Around, they representing 92 teams. From these, two Wildfire Level 9 gymnasts will be making the trip to Western Nationals this year.  First on that list would be Wildfire’s Junior 7 All Around Silver Medalist, Thu Nguyen (2017 Level 7 Regional AA Silver Medallist). From that number rostered at 272 Level 9 gymnasts competing, Thu, via her 38.300 AA total, ranked among them, 6th overall.  Also traveling will be Senior A - 5th place All Around finisher, Isabelle Hing. As a historical note, Isabelle was a 2016 Level 8 Regional AA Champion.