Parent Viewing

We have constructed a parent viewing area for you to enjoy your child’s talent. Please keep the stairs and landing areas clear due to fire regulations. Please only sit in the chairs provided and not on the floor, steps, or tables. Parents and siblings are not allowed on the gym floor and we do not allow any flash photography.


Gym Attire

Leotards are recommended for girls. Spandex shorts or pants are okay to wear over leotards. Shorts and non-baggy t-shirts are recommended for boys and tumbling students. (Tumbling Students: please no low cut tops.) No zippers or snaps on shorts, and no denim at any time. All students are required to have bare feet because socks can cause a child to slip and fall. All jewelry must be removed prior to class and hair must be pulled back out of the child’s face.


Fees and Discounts

Registration Fee: $40 (one time per family)
Annual Insurance Fee: $24.00 (per child)
Discounts: 25% sibling discount & 25% multi-class discount


Bonus Classes

Wildfire offers 6 bonus classes per child, per calendar year (January - December). These bonus classes are complimentary classes to students and can be scheduled in a class that has space available. Bonus classes can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance and canceled 24 hours in advance. If student is a no show it will count as one of the 6 bonus classes. Your account balance must be current to schedule a bonus class.



Wildfire’s monthly tuition is based on four classes per month. If there are five weeks in a month, your tuition will reflect the additional class.Tuition is due by the first class meeting of the month and is considered Past Due as of the 15th. There will be a $10 late fee per child charged to your account for tuition paid after the 15th of the month. If we do not receive payment by the last class meeting of the month, your child will be dropped from the class and the spot will be given away. Your account balance must be current to schedule bonus classes, private lessons or special events. (PNO, Camp, Tumbling Clinics, Open Gym, etc).


Leave of Absence

We allow up to 4 weeks leave of absence, with prior notice, while retaining your current spot in class. We cannot hold your spot if the leave of absence extends beyond 4 weeks. To hold your spot we require that tuition is paid for the following month. Please see front office for details.


Login to Parent Portal

**Important Reminder**

If you currently take classes at Wildfire, please do not create a new account. Your username and password are as follows:

username - your email address
password - your child's last name (all lowercase)

If after trying this username and password you are still having trouble, please contact the front office at Tustin: (714) 832-1315, Lake Forest: (949) 600-6510.